Disaster Planning

Textile Services magazine / TRSA.org

Laundry  disaster

"Preparing for disaster –however improbable or inevitable—is essential in preventing that misfortune from being multiplied by a suspension of your operations..."

For a year (2016-2017) I served as a contract writer for the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA), a nonprofit organization and professional lobby for laundry operators that provide linens and uniforms for the Hospitality, Healthcare and Restaurant industries. I was charged with writing articles on the issues and technical matters that face operators in this segment of business, as well as creating best practices guides that addressed them. The learning curve was huge and constant. One day I would be working with a chemist who formulated new surfactants (cleansing agents), the next, I would be discussing regulatory compliance with a Federal inspector. While the content I generated was very industry-specific, the universal goal of telling a compelling story remained.

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