Scott Paton

Journalist, copywriter, broadcaster and entrepreneur, Scott Paton is a 25-year veteran of the Entertainment & Marketing industries, serving as a content, advertising & communications consultant to clients spanning virtually every profession, trade and industry.

As an adolescent he operated a successful mail-order business specializing in pop culture collectibles; by his early teens, he was snagging interviews with pop music stars that passed through town. Writing of these encounters, he earned his first bylines in local Baltimore-area publications.

Sprung from school, Paton migrated to Los Angeles where —upon a chance encounter with famed radio personality Casey Kasem at a celebrity softball game–he talked his way into a writing position with Kasem’s internationally-popular show, “American Top 40”. In short order, Paton was producing that program and dozens of other music and entertainment-based specials for every major radio network. Barely out of his teens, he found himself working with all his boyhood musical heroes, including various Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys and hundreds of other acts.

Subsequently, Paton founded the production company Precision Media and, in the ensuing years, the company has created and produced nearly 10,000 hours of syndicated and network programming, encompassing all major music formats. In 2009, Paton was tapped by the Universal Music Group to write, produce and host a series of radio broadcasts celebrating Motown Records’ 50th Anniversary. For Paton —born and raised in Detroit in the midst of Motown’s heyday–co-hosting these programs with Smokey Robinson and various other Motown stars was a boyhood dream come true.

Over the past decade, Paton has also tailored his communications talents to serve the marketing and advertising demands of businesses and organizations of every stripe. He has developed Web, print and broadcast initiatives for the medical and legal professions; professional trades; non-profits; real estate and banking; retail; products and manufacturing and, of course, entertainment.

A life-long advocate of charity and volunteerism, Scott regularly donates time and money to Habitat For Humanity and the Johns Hopkins Children’s House, and has been a sponsor of the foundation chartered in the memory of his late friend and Beach Boys member Carl Wilson. In 1994, Paton devised a marketing campaign for McDonald’s that produced sales of 10-million CDs featuring Elton John, Garth Brooks and Tina Turner. The results of this promotion exceeded estimates five-fold, achieving $60-million in gross revenues and raised a total of $10-million for the Ronald McDonald House children’s charity.