Scott Paton

Marketing, Advertising, PR & Communications Specialist. Copywriter. Editor.

Freelance Journalist. Broadcaster. Researcher. Archivist.

Scott Paton has spent two decades crafting effective messaging that delivers ideas, news and information with impact and clarity. With a substantial portfolio that encompasses Radio/TV, Print and the Web, his work has spanned the realms of Academia, Accounting, Biography, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Government, Healthcare, History, Law, Lifestyle, Manufacturing, Medical Research, Nonprofit, Politics, Professional Trades & Services, Real Estate, Retail, Science and Technology.

Observing the cardinal rule that no project is complete until it exceeds his client’s expectations, Paton provides local and small-to-medium business with the same professional standard of communications that he has executed for high-profile entities such as CBS, Dick Clark Productions, Hilton Hotels, McDonald's, Smithsonian, Southwest Airlines and the Universal Music Group.

Whether you are looking to brand your services or products, seeking Broadcast, Print or Web content, or are in need of advertising and marketing concepts, Scott Paton will help you best define your objectives, articulate your message and execute your strategies for success.