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Isn't it great fun leafing through decades-old magazines and reading what predictions were then being made for the future? It's often quaint and occasionally disappointing. Not only have we not eradicated disease and war, if you had told me at age 10 that I wouldn't have a flying car by now, I'd have really been bummed out.

Anyway, this document of Web Statistics & Trends was compiled and annotated by me in the Summer of 2006 for True Presence.com, a web development firm that sold franchise offices around the U.S. The information contained within was utilized by the franchisees, as well as the local staff in Baltimore, as part of their sales initiatives when pitching web services and products to potential clients.

Reading this document is like a time capsule. Not even a decade has gone by and Internet-based technology and its integration into our everyday lives makes 2006 sound like the Stone Age. While our advances have been remarkable, I still wish a hybrid car meant that it worked on land and in the air.

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