Motown Fanthology Radio Spot

Universal Music Group


Motown fanthology cover

In the midst of producing the second of three Motown radio documentaries (all nail-biting deadlines, by the way), my clients at Universal Music Group said, "Hey, would you mind coming up with a :60 second radio spot advertising this new reissue, 'Motown Fanthology,' that we've got coming out?" As I've always thought sleep was overrated, I said, "Sure, why not?" This was actually a labor of love. And as the programming in which this spot would be featured was comprised of '60s and '70s music, I produced it in period-appropriate, retro-fashion, too. If you ever wanted to see what a radio commercial script looks like, it's attached. Not much to it-- the trick is in conveying your message in the tiny little windows and ramps of music in between the song hooks. As you'll see, the humorous M.C. Hammer reference that's made over the trail-out of Rick James "Super Freak" was a spontaneous reference that made the final cut.

(Click on the "LISTEN" link above the CD cover photo-- it may take several seconds for the audio to begin.)

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