Scott Paton

Jan & Dean - Surf's Ups & Downs

Shindig! Magazine - April 06, 2017

As I wind through the hills of Bel Air, I am frantically searching for 1111 Linda Flora Drive, the home of Jan Berry—the former leader of ‘60s surf music duo Jan & Dean. Arranged by Berry’s former partner, Dean Torrence, I’m en route to my first meeting with Jan, ostensibly to do an interview. His having suffered significant brain damage and partial paralysis from a near-fatal and career-ending auto accident a decade earlier, I’m unsure of what to expect. But as I round a bend, I see a wiry-haired fellow with a distinctive gait struggling to the top of a steep driveway. I pull alongside of him, roll down the window and he says with a beaming smile, “Scott? Hi, I’m Jan Berry.”