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Landing Pages are a great tool to grab some extra turf on the Web. They can be used to focus on one particular aspect of a company's products and services or perhaps promote special sales and events. Either way, they're designed to increase your visibility in search engines and, ideally, drive visitors to your parent website. Also, for small businesses just starting out or on a tight budget, a landing page may initially be their sole web presence.

These four examples are dummied-up pages that I created as a guide for the design and development team. The finished products no longer exist, but these mock-ups are fairly representative of the actual landing pages.

Mediterranean Heating & Cooling was interested in drawing added attention to their installation of solar energy systems for both residential and commercial clients. These landing pages were their first foray into a presence on the Internet. Clearly they've prospered if their now fully-developed website is any indication.

Hvac landing page copy HVAC_Landing_Page_Copy.pdf